The Longhi Foundation offers its fellows and other scholars the use of its library (roughly 36,000 volumes), photo library (roughly 70,000 photographs) and collection of paintings, drawings, prints, miniatures and sculpture. The Foundation also has a very large archive.

The fellows of the Longhi Foundation are selected on the basis of a competition which is open to researchers of any nationality under age thirty who have a degree in art history. Fellows are required to carry out a research project on a subject chosen with the consensus of the board of scholars. They are also required to attend the events, lessons, seminars and lectures by eminent scholars and specialists organized each year by the Foundation. They must take part in a series of visits to Florentine monuments and museums and trips to exhibits elsewhere in Italy and in Europe.

The results of each fellow’s research will be published in essay format in the periodical “Proporzioni” (once known as “Annali”) which is edited by the Foundation. Each year the Longhi Foundation organizes a series of events which are open to the public, including exhibits, conferences, lectures and book presentations.