“…It reflects my particular work as a connoisseur of works of art and contains more hard to find photographs of little known works than easily found ones, since so many of them were sent to me by private collectors seeking an authoritative opinion.” (R. Longhi).

There are roughly 70,000 photographs of works of art in the collection which belonged to Roberto Longhi. The photographs are divided in 133 folders, following Longhi’s criteria, by Italian and European schools of painting and by period from the XIII to the XX century.

These photographs were collected between the last decade of the 19th century and 1970, the year Longhi died. Many have hand written notes on the back which supply information about the work of art they reproduce. Almost all of them are black and white photographs, with a few exceptions. Many of the photographs in the library document works that have disappeared or have been restored in the meantime.

The Foundation has recently undertaken a project which will save and catalogue all the images in the photo library in digital format.