In November 2002 the association of Amici della Natura Morta Italiana, literally Friends of Italian Still Life, was founded at the Roberto Longhi Foundation. The purpose of the association is to promote the study and appreciation of Italian still life painting and to divulge information about this genre.

The goals of the Amici della Natura Morta Italiana are:

  • to promote, on scientific, cultural and organizational levels, initiatives, activities, research, publications and events that will further knowledge about Italian still life painting;
  • to fund fellowships and awards;
  • to promote and organize exhibitions and shows;
  • to facilitate interaction between collectors of still life paintings.

To become a member of the Association
Membership, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, can be granted to the following categories:

  • individuals;
  • institutions;
  • businesses;
  • public institutions and private corporations.

How to become a member:
Membership fees can be paid to the association of Amici della Natura Morta Italiana by:

  • deposit or transfer to:
    • account no. 082404700107 of the Banca Intesa Bci, via Tornabuoni 16, Firenze
    • ABI code 03069
    • CAB code 02840
    • intestato all’Associazione Amici della Natura Morta Italiana;
  • paid by check (non transferable) which can be mailed to the association;
  • paid directly in cash or by check the secretary of the association.

The membership fees for 2006 are:

  • 100 Euro for Members
  • 500 Euro or more for Supporting Members