The present day initiatives of the Longhi Foundation still respect the objectives set by Roberto Longhi in his last will and testament, even if the nature of these initiatives has changed with the times.

The Foundation’s preferred sphere of interest is art historical research. It also focuses on artists and specific artistic themes, including contemporary art and artists.

The Foundation’s activities include exhibits, publications, lessons, conferences, seminars and scholarly meetings. These meetings are organized on a periodic basis and are generally of an international and interdisciplinary nature.

Here are a few of the most recent initiatives of the Longhi Foundation:

  • the exhibition of works by Gianfranco Ferroni, held in the Foundation’s villa, February-March 2003;
  • the exhibition of Italian still life painting, La Natura Morta Italiana da Caravaggio al Settecento, held in Munich and in Florence (Palazzo Strozzi, June-October 2003);
  • the course Invito all’Arte, an introduction to the study of art history for high school students which began in October 2003.

The Foundation also has a long-term, ongoing policy of cooperation with other cultural institutions in Italy and abroad. This policy is aimed at extending the outreach of our initiatives. It has led to valuable scientific results which include specialized computer applications and data bases.